What Can Marriott Global Source Do For Me When Booking Brazil Resorts?

Marriott Global Source is the intranet designed by the Marriott hotel group to allow for booking across all of their brand resorts anywhere in the world. With the popularity of the Marriott Brazil resorts, learning how to use Marriott Global Source is essential if you not only want satisfied customers, but return customers as well.


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How do I use Marriott Global Source?

Marriott Global Source has been designed to allow you to access and use the intranet service from a variety of platforms, including mobile. You can also integrate Marriott Global Source with Outlook to better manage the channel between your direct customers and the brand reservation suppliers. Once you are registered with Marriott Global Source, you will receive an ID and password to log into the system.

Most people find it helpful to take the time to complete the online tutorials to become familiar with all that the intranet can do to streamline your reservation process.

What are the Marriott Brazil brands?

There are 6 different Marriott Brazil brands that provide for resort accommodations in some of the most popular areas in the country. The Marriott Brazil brands include:

  1. Hotel & spa do Vinho Autograph Collection
  2. Courtyard Recife
  3. JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro
  4. Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel
  5. Sao Paulo Airport Marriott Hotel
  6. Marriott Executive Apartments Sao Paulo

The Marriott Executive Apartments in Sao Paulo is an extended stay site that includes many of the amenities found in the other resorts but each suite is set up to include a kitchen/kitchenette and the brand is pet friendly. While all of the Marriott brands are family friendly, some are inclined more towards the business and luxury traveler.

It can be a good idea to find out the exact needs of your customers to make sure that they are matched with the best brand. You can use Marriott Global Source to communicate quickly with a brand location to verify that they would not only have an available reservation, but that the reservation may not conflict with another group or event that would make your customer’s visit less than what it could be.

For example, you can use the intranet to make sure that the family of 3 that is traveling down to visit family is not going to be booked into a hotel that is hosting a business conference during Carnivale. Carnival can provide unique reservation challenges that extend far beyond just availability.

Marriott Global SourceWhat are the most popular Brazil resorts for Mardi Gras?

The most popular Brazil resorts for Carnival are centered in the Rio de Janeiro area, where the largest celebrations occur. While the media will make much of the Carnival season, not all of the tourists and travelers coming into Rio are going to be there for the festival. It is also important to note that the nature of Carnival is changing as well.

It is evolving into an arts and music festival that is beginning to draw a broader range of customer to the Rio area as well. Sao Paulo is also a popular Brazil resort area as it is central to the major business hub of the country and makes branching out to other cities and countries in Latin America easy.

It is very important that you know the type of visitor that you are making a reservation for to make sure that during the Mardi Gras season they are going to be matched with the best Brazil resort.

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What makes the best Brazil resort?

Marriott Brazil brands have some of the largest portions of the Brazil resort market because they offer a consistent quality in the amenities provided from location to location. While each of the Marriott Brazil brands are unique, they all provide a base level of 4 and 5 star service that customers are looking for when traveling to the country.

The best Brazil resort can provide for ease of stay – making sure that within the Brazil resort there is everything from food, to fitness services, spa services and business amenities so that travelers do not have to leave to find anything they need; coupled with the ability to help the traveler enter into the city with the least amount of confusion and frustration possible.

Central to many of the Marriott Brazil brands is the provision for transportation to and from major transportation hubs. It is in the ease of arrival and departure from a Brazil resort that earns it a reputation in the visitor’s mind.

What Marriott Brazil resorts are best for business?

Brazil is a prominent destination for many business travelers whether they are coming for conferences or to investigate export/import, distribution or retail contracts.  Marriott Brazil brands all offer 5 star business services but the JW brand and the Executive Apartments in Sao Paulo are specifically designed to accommodate the business traveler.

Business trips that require extended stays are better suited to the Executive Apartments brand not just because of the larger, suite style accommodations, but because the brand is located in Sao Paulo – the hub of business and politics.

One thing you want to make sure of when using Marriott Global Source is that the place you are going to be booking into for a customer has the appropriate business services that the customer needs and the state of the business services. While Wi-Fi is offered just about everywhere, some customers are going to expect in-room connectivity and secure servers as well.

One way to convert a first time business customer is to use MGS to connect them with local transportation service before they arrive. Many times the schedule of a business visit can be so tight that knowing that transportation on the ground between meetings and locations is pre-arranged can be what wins a customer over into a return client.

MGS can let you book the Brazil resort and talk to the Marriott Brazil brand managers to get your client the best and most current information about doing business in the city.

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